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Early Club History

by Catherine Owen
(extracts from the National Terrier Club Newsletter, 1998)

The Ranelagh Fox Terrier Show was held on Sunday 22nd. June 1901 in the grounds of the Ranelagh Club at Barnes. Wire haired Fox Terriers were judged by Her Grace the Duchess of Newcastle (of Notts) and Smooth's by Mr. Francis Redmond (Dusky).

So begins the report in the July 1901 edition of the Kennel Gazette. The above named, together with Sir Humphrey de Trafford (Barton), Walter Glynn (Brynbir), J. B. Dale, Charles McNeill MFH and the Hon. Secretary, Charles Cruft, undertook to guarantee the management of the Show.

It is here that we look to discover the group of important people who in their wisdom created the National Terrier Club.

The next show under their direction, held on 21st. June 1902, was entitled the National Terrier Show and three additional breeds were scheduled for competition. The wires were again judged by the Duchess of Newcastle, Smooth's and Welsh by Mr. E. Powell (Rowton), Scottish by Mr. C. Harold Wood (Hyndman), and Irish by Mr. T. Yarr.

The Committee were apparently pleased with their initial efforts as an application to the Kennel Club for a title was published in March 1903 and the use of the name "National Terrier Club" was quickly granted.

At the KC meeting on 6 April 1903 permission was given to allocate Challenge Certificates to the following breeds: Airedales, Wires, Smooth's, Irish, Scottish, Skyes, Dandie Dinmonts and Bedlingtons. The first show of the new Club took place at Ranelagh on 20th. June 1903. Today 24 breeds have CC's on offer.

In general the show was held in the London area at such venues as Olympia, Crystal Palace, and the Horticultural Hall until 1952 when it found a more permanent home at the Granby Hall, Leicester, where it stayed until the move to its present location in Stafford in 1975.

Sir Wm. B. Savory, Bart., took over from Charles Cruft as Secretary in 1914 and was in charge of the pre-war shows. From 1919 Mr. Holland Buckley (Clonmel) was at the helm and continued until the Second World War. After this, his daughter, Mrs. Winnie Barber (Scotia) took over and held the position until Mr. A. J. Chandler began his term of office in 1961. Mrs. Monica Shuttleworth, filled the vacancy on his retirement in 1983 and remained Secretary until her retirement in 2003 - the Club's Centenary year.

The National Terrier Show is now the highlight of the Terrier fraternally calendar.

Present day Officers and Committee

The Club only has a small Committee of six, plus Officers. However, the Committee is enabled to invite six Club Members to be on the Show Committee to help out on the pre-Show and Show days.

Our Patron is Freda Wright, who has been a member & supporter of the Club for many years.

Our President Maureen Micklethwaite's membership commenced in 1976 and she is one of the longest serving Members of the Club. In 1982, Maureen was elected to the position of Hon. Vice President and resigned in 1984 so that Mr. A. J. Chandler (the then retiring Secretary) could be elected. She was then elected to the Committee in 1985 and served the Club in this role until being elected President in 2004.

Max King became a member of the Club in 1992, served as a committee member from 1998-2003. Max was appointed Acting Treasurer in 2003 and elected to the post in 2004. He was elected Chairman at the AGM in 2009.

Jennie Griffiths became a member in 1999 and was appointed Acting Club Secretary in 2003 and elected to the post of Club Secretary in 2004.

John Dace became a member of National Terrier in 1997. He was elected to serve as Treasurer at the AGM in 2009.

Joe Ashe joined as a member in 1994 was elected to the Committee in 2004. Joe is currently Chief Steward

Brian Baxter's membership commenced in 1981, he was elected on to the Committee in 1990. Brian is a Group Steward and Vice Chairman of Committee.

Roger Crooks became a member in 1981 and has served as a Committee Member from 1988-1990 and 1991 to date. Roger is currently Show Manager.

Peter Owen became a member in 1993 and joined the Committee in 1996.

David Taylor's membership commenced in 1991 and he was elected to serve as a Committee Member at the AGM in 2009.

Maureen Ward has been a member since 1985 and joined the Committee in 2004.

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